In December 1997, Debbie and I fell in love with a country property in Highlands, in central Victoria, and decided to leave the city behind. We named our new home 'PALMANOVA' after the medieval fortress town in northern Italy, where I was born. Surrounded by such potential and a desire to embrace self-sufficiency and self-reliance, we built a house and planted approximately 400 olive trees and thus - Palmanova Olives was born. With the aim of making as low an impact on the environment as possible, the planting of our vegetable garden, vineyard, nut and fruit orchards soon followed. These, along with our free-range chickens, supply most of our needs throughout the year. The sourdough bread, jams, eggs and fruit catered for your breakfast are supplied by Debbie using the seasonal ingredients available from our farm.

Our olives, located on our home property nearby, are hand-picked each year starting from the end of May for approximately 2-3 weeks depending on the season. The resultant Extra Virgin Olive Oil, marinated table olives and hand-made olive oil soap are sold in the local region, reinforcing our ethos towards supporting local and low mileage produce.

Debbie and I hope that you enjoy the comforts and serenity that our little cottage offers. Take a break, embrace a more back to basics approach to the good life and return home refreshed and reinvigorated.

And finally, we love our produce and want you to take a gift home to remember your experience at Palmanova Cottage.